Video: Why Outsource RCM?

Keeping up a solid income while adapting to always changing healthcare policies is overwhelming. You have to get ready today for the inescapable parade of evolving regulations, redesigns to payer rules and developing methodologies.

Staff acquisition & training costs turned focusing on patient care into a challenge.


of lost medical practice income is due to improper billing.


of practices that switched from billing in-house to outsourcing with a reputable partner, realized a reduction in A/R days and achieved higher collections.


decreased denied claims and reported access to better reporting and analytical tools.


of health organizations believe outsourcing RCM processes will allow them to become more efficient and positively impact their organization’s financial health.

Centro Medical Billing is committed to increasing your collections by 10% to 20%

We are Flexible in accommodating changes within your contract period and offer different pricing options for the services we offer.

We reduce overhead expenses by as much as 40%

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