Webinar: Cracking The Code On Population Health for FQHCs

Speaker: Lisa Blue | Senior Director of Population Health
Date: September 19, 2018, at 2:00 pm EST

The webinar is designed for FQHCs to learn more how Population Health can aggressively fulfill the under-met clinical needs that are happening with patients and improve outcomes through Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), and Transitional Care Management (TCM).

The primary goal of this webinar is to walk FQHCs through the process of creating a successful care management program. Through technology, services, science and innovation you can improve lives, clinical quality and master disease management. Identifying issues is the first step to developing a strategy to create a successful care management program.

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Call center services boost care access, delivery & follow-up

Partnering with Centro will help you to get a unified view of the patient journey across the entire patient care continuum, across all facilities and physicians, and will enable proactive care planning and coordination. This helps doctors and administrators facilitate the most beneficial outcomes while keeping cost containment in mind.


Why Centro Healthcare

  • Reduce costs and Maximize Revenue Opportunities
  • Improve Your Medical Services & Accordingly Your Patients' Satisfaction Rate
  • Acquire New Patients and Retain Them
  • Decrease Stress on Your Internal Resources
  • Improve your Practice Efficiency
  • Obtain Highest Quality Care for Your Patients
  • Decrease Billing Errors
  • Keep Up With Billing Rules and Regulations
  • Focus more on Patient Care
Meet MACRA and MIPS quality measures such as expanded practice access, population management, care coordination, beneficiary engagement, patient safety and practice assessment and more.

Who we serve

From scheduling appointments to assisting with prescription refills to providing call support for your clinical staff, these services are key to improving the quality of care and the overall patient experience journey at your practice.

  • Hospitals
  • ACOs / IPAs
  • Independent Physicians
  • DMEs
  • Pharmacies
  • Health Plans

Why a centralized healthcare call center

Better Patient Experience means Better ROI

$3 in Revenue for every $1 spent

Reduce costs and maximize revenue opportunities by selecting any of our services hereunder

Patient Experience

Transform your practice to a readily available, 24/7 patient-focused organization.

Practice Performance

Boost your efficiency, increase your profitability and cut your costs.

Population Health

Achieve quality goals quickly at lower cost, while optimizing utilization.

Chronic Care Management Services

With Centro Healthcare help, improve care quality and patient engagement while get reimbursed by Medicare!

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