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Centro Healthcare offers a diverse portfolio of healthcare services driven by analytics, state-of-the-art technology, and clinically certified resources. Centro Healthcare’s mission is to maximize returns for providers, health plans, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Our business process and contact center services encompass solutions for patient engagement, care coordination, population health, and physician practice efficiency.

Why Partner with Centro

Reduce Costs and Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Our Standards and Accreditation:

  • Availability of scalable and highly skilled workforce
  • Compliance Standards (ISO 9001, HIPAA)
  • Best-in-class quality management practices
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Reduce hospital readmission rates
  • Reliable infrastructure (business continuity & disaster recovery)
  • Flexibility (ramp-ups and ramp-downs)
  • Promote community events and preventative clinical services
  • Guarantee a minimum of 35% savings in operational costs

Acquire new patients and retain them (prevent front - and back-end “leakage”)

  • Front-end (Acquisition) – Marketing dollars and brand-awareness efforts should not be wasted on inability to convert prospects into new patients
  • Back-end (Retention) and Cross-sell opportunities – maintain network integrity, keep patients in network, promote preventative services

Deliver Superior Customer Service, Drive Higher HCAHPS Scores, Build Brand Equity

  • Increased patient engagement / better patient experience / greater patient satisfaction
  • Answer incoming calls quickly, and with a live person; respond quickly to questions (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Extend patient access (hours of coverage) to 24/7



MI, Independent Physician Group

We contacted 10,000 patients per month with flu shot reminders, resulting in an approximate 33% response rate and an additional $3,420,000 annually.