Sean Farag

Sean Farag is a native North-Virginian entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience with global enterprises in private, public markets and emerging growth companies. Sean has developed a legacy of achievements.

Through successful strategic and tactical execution, Sean has developed sustainable confidence and trust with customers, partners and team members. Sean has successfully launched several companies where some have been acquired by publicly traded companies.

Since his early days with Booz Allen, Hamilton and MCI telecom, Sean has developed discipline and instincts to understand market needs, dynamics, build solutions that serve customers well, and scale operational processes to promote sustained quality and growth.


This execution has been achieved under the highest level of ethics, governance, and transparency.

Living by a “servant leadership” model, Sean has developed many successful leaders who have thrived under his mentorship and made positive impacts to business communities.

Sean has served as CEO for “Infinity”, “Quality Care” and “Velocity Investment Group”

Sean has also served others through volunteer efforts and several projects like “GIVE” to offset hardship of physically impaired kids in underdeveloped countries.

Sean is a graduate of George Mason University with a B.S. in Systems Engineering. He loves Harleys and cooking!