The Client

Our client is a young business owner operating an ambulatory transportation service situated in Georgia.

Business Situation

The client was facing several challenges with their billing service and AR Management such as:

  • Nonpayment from billed claims which resulted in a sharp decrease in collections
  • Inability to reach the local billing officer thus providing poor quality
  • Claims not generated in a timely manner
  • Their medical billing was not being completed
  • Client was facing difficulties with their AR, as they did not have qualified professionals to handle them
  • Client had no knowledge of their billing codes from their biller
  • Client had no access to the billing software that their biller was utilizing

The Mission

The client reached out to Centro to handle all their medical billing which consisted in generating over 600 claims per month and to take over their AR Management.

They needed our medical billing experts to quickly do a turnaround without interruption and accurately manage the full service billing and AR services.

The Solution

Despite the challenges, Centro was able to successfully provide the client the following solutions:

  • The Business Unit Development Manager to have on-site visits to obtain live workflows
  • Establish HIPAA secure file share
  • Provide a seamless transition to Centro billing services
  • Establish a billing and coding team of experts to train on the EHR software which is state specific for the clients’ specialty
  • To have our team retrieve information from Gemysis in order to generate the claims
  • Our billing manager to set forth a workflow to ensure AR follow up and that the clients’ claims are submitted on a daily basis

The Achievements

  • The Business Unit Development Manager made several site visits to obtain the day to day practices of the client
  • A HIPAA secure file share was established for transporting patient information to and from Centro and the client
  • Clients’ staff were trained for such process
  • Our billing software was installed on clients’ pcs and trained staff on view access of all claims information
  • On-Site Manager was trained on Gemysis and trained the entire billing team
  • Our expert team of medical billers and coders were able to successfully submit backlogged claims of two months within just 2 weeks
  • Our billing team was able to increase the clients’ AR with knowledge of services the client was performing but was unaware these were billable services:
      • A0428: Ambulance service, basic life support, non-emergency transport
      • A0429: Ambulance service, basic life support, emergency transport
      • A0425: Ground mileage, per statute mile
  • The Client’s AR decreased by 32% which lead to an 80% increase in revenue within the first 3 months especially since the Client had outstanding claims and AR for 3 months prior to Centro’s starting date
  • The Client was very satisfied, witnessing our efforts, accuracy and punctuality in all claims and AR submission by accessing our billing software

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