CMAs have a wide range of knowledge,to support physicians and their practice including clinical and administrative  responsibilities,from explaining treatment procedures to patients, following-up on their conditions to understanding HIPAA compliance and managing insurance processes


By outsourcing CMAs, physicians in certain practice environments will:

  • Incur no initial training costs
  • Reduce the likelihood of being sued for negligent hiring
  • Reduce professional liability insurance premiums
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Close gaps in care
  • Improve the patient experience and empowerment
  • Reduce costs of additional staff and space, as well as ongoing training and support

ROI studies show care provided by nurses and CMAs yields best return, and it has been proven that when outsourcing a CMA for your practice, it improves both staff and patient satisfaction.  

CMAs take on more responsibilities performing most of the health maintenance and measurement activities. This leaves physicians more time to do their actual job.

Even though the physician may end up spending less time with the patient in total, patients are more satisfied because the physician is more engaged during the time he or she has with the patient. Patients appreciate the increased monitoring and attention

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