In order to survive, practices must transform the way they deliver care to sustain in the transition from volume to value-based compensation.  Change is usually difficult, and most physicians hate change, but it’s a necessity today.

Your goal should no longer be to maximize the number of patients you see per day, but rather ensure that your visits and your outreach and your care models and the services you offer reduce ER visits, reduce hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations. You need to focus on how your patients are doing.

The volume driven approach causes a lot of challenges and a lot of physicians burn out. There are a lot of challenges that physicians face.  Too many physicians see that EHR creates inefficient workflows and long hours spent on documentation. Physicians today need to be economically viable, deliver good patient care and have professional satisfaction.  Yet, while most physicians are now charting electronically, many are less than enthused about the massive disruption in how they practice medicine.

For many doctors, electronic charting requirements have created inefficient workflows while, at the same time, the documentation burden is increasing, due to coding, quality tracking, and regulatory requirements.  Centro Healthcare, an industry leader in healthcare services and solutions, has looked at ways to reduce the complexity of documentation so physicians can avoid burnout and operate top-of-license.

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