Any business must deliver quality interactions if it seeks to build consumer loyalty. However, for healthcare providers, this requirement is magnified. Servicing end-users efficiently and compassionately, while doing everything possible to ensure repeat business is one of the most challenging imperatives in this space. In an era when captive contact center operations are being squeezed, working with a third-party provider is becoming a viable alternative.
Experienced providers in healthcare contact center must ensure that pharmacy clients are offered a variety of solutions designed to assist customers knowledgeably and efficiently. This approach not only ensures loyalty on the back of strong interactions, it also provides end-users with the assistance they require in order to make informed healthcare decisions.

Pain Points in Front-Line Healthcare Delivery

Across the healthcare system, enterprises are finding it more challenging than ever to operate their own contact centers. There are a number of reasons for this, none of which has a straightforward solution.

Strained resources

Healthcare enterprises are facing a major crunch in their contact center budgets. In 2017, three out of five enterprises in this space expect their CRM investment capacity to stay at or fall. This situation is unlikely to improve; by next year the proportion will be nearly two-thirds. This resource crunch places incredible strain on healthcare contact center managers, especially with increased demands for investment in different parts of customer experience operations.

Anticipated CRM investment flexibility among healthcare enterprises, 2017 & 2018

Heightened investment priorities

In today’s healthcare contact center, executives face tough decisions around where to allocate limited resources if they are to provide strong service levels and ensure loyalty. Some of the most pressing priorities in healthcare customer experience include:

  • New technology deployments – with healthcare end-users using more digital channels than ever, being able to provide support via both voice and non-voice mediums is essential. Analytics is also crucial in gauging the healthcare customer experience. But, as per the table below, research shows that firms in this vertical are notoriously under-invested when it comes to deployment of more sophisticated analytics platforms. In a sector that prides itself on knowing its customers’ intimately, to be without these capabilities is potentially disastrous.

Enterprise in-house analytics capabilities

Source – Ryan Strategic Advisory 2017 Front-Office BPO Omnibus Survey

  • Agent management – contact center decision-makers across the healthcare spectrum indicate that being able to recruit and retain top-ight agents has never been tougher. And, with limited budget exibility, investing in human talent will only get harder. Less capacity to find and keep the best people will result in more uncertainty around customer interaction quality.
  • Product and service awareness – innovation in science and technology means that healthcare is changing rapidly. For contact center managers in this sector, the ability to keep front-line sta up-to-date on new products and services is critical. This task will only get harder given ongoing austerity in CRM budgets.

Considering limited spending capacity, many healthcare companies are facing the need for augmented solutions around talent management, CRM technologies, and product/service training, by seeking out new contact center business models. For many, the choice of an experienced third-party provider is a logical alternative to captive delivery.

Centro Global Solutions as a provider of pharmacy interactions

Centro Global Solutions has been involved in the delivery of healthcare management since 2010, delivering services from its site in Virginia. It has invested heavily in its healthcare data protection capabilities. In 2015, the company implemented the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as safeguard for all ePHI information handled within the organization and its clients. It is also working towards SOC II Type II, which is expected to be completed by early 2018.

Revenue generation and loyalty management

Centro Global Solutions’ healthcare agents work with pharmacy owners to provide a number of revenue generation services, including:

  • Incremental fills and medication adherence – providing pharmacy customers with the information required to fill prescriptions at the right time, and answering questions about medication.
  • Cross-sales – ensuring customers have information about relevant complementary products/services on sale in the pharmacy, and how to go about purchasing them.
  • Appointment setting – assisting customers in making clinical appointments at the pharmacy, issuing reminders, and undertaking follow-ups that may result from such visits.

Back office management

Centro Global Solutions’ suite of pharmacy-oriented administrative services include:

  • Prior authorizations – ensuring prior authorizations from insurance companies for medication prescribed by physicians,
    thereby ensuring that pharmacies remain compliant.
  • Denial management – communicating coverage gaps to end-users, and working to find solutions that ensure minimal relationship erosion.

Clinical management capabilities

  • Medication adherence – providing pharmacy customers with rapid, accurate information to ensure that medication is taken in the correct amounts and at the right time.
  • Med-sync services – engaging with customers to determine their multiple prescription needs and the best time for them to pick up all medications at once.
  • Wellness programs and Medication Therapy Management – collection of relevant information in advance of in-person clinical discussions and remote medication therapy management.

Case Study

Client – a US-based pharmacy chain

Business challenge

To develop an industry-compliant customer service center of excellence that would handle interactions including patient inquiries, eligibility checks, and refills. This center would also be responsible for growing revenues.

How Centro Global Solutions addressed the challenge

Centro Global Solutions took a number of steps to help this pharmacy client. These included:

  • Customer service management – the establishment of a customer service queue handling retail pharmacy product sales, general inquiries, and prescription refills. In addition, Centro Global Solutions began providing eligibility checks for patients by faxing physicians in order to obtain approved and signed prescriptions on behalf of the pharmacy.
  • Revenue generation – Centro Global Solutions developed a series of micro-sites and web landing pages for the pharmacy chain’s retail products, increasing the pharmacy’s leads pipeline by 85%. Centro Global Solutions also developed a strong cross-sell/upsell function on the back of its customer service call volumes.

The results

Centro Global Solutions delivered several improvements in performance for their client. These included:

  • Greater efficiencies – by improving CRM processes, Centro Global Solutions was able to help its client better track transactions and improve patient information capture for its databases.
  • Revenue growth – on the back of Centro Global Solutions’ customer service eorts, the client’s cross-sell/upsell sales figures doubled.


Healthcare has always been an incredibly complex industry for the provision of front-line interactions. First-rate customer experience is no easy task in an era of an aging population concurrent with rapid technological advances in the healthcare industry.
The use of experienced third-party partners is on the rise among pharmacies, as a means of driving strong contact center interactions. The efforts that outsourcers make to improve interactions and efficiencies in the pharmacy sector need to be commercial, while at the same time compassionate. Oering solutions that drive efficient interactions while increasing loyalty are important facets of what a provider can bring to pharmacy clients in today’s market.

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