The Client

An Ohio based large medical group with more than 3,500 patients.

Business Situation

A lot of physicians underestimate how complex it is to set Chronic Care Management up from a billing standpoint. There are a lot of requirements and they have to be very clear in their documentation.

To qualify, services must take at least 20 minutes of clinical staff time per month. And the practice must create and regularly update a comprehensive care plan detailing the patient’s health problems, prognosis, treatment goals, interventions, medications and need for social services.

Second, in order to qualify, the practice must use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and obtain written consent from the patient to implement the plan.

The most effective ways to ensure that requirements are met depends on a great deal on how clinical support staff is managed. Providing chronic care services for all eligible Medicare patients in a typical primary-care physician panel requires about 24 hours of staff time per week, making it impractical for physicians to manage alone.

The Mission

To take over the Client’s labor intensive process of Chronic Care Management (CCM), ensuring all required monthly calls are covered. This typically requires the recruiting and training of certified staff who will need ongoing training, the necessary technology, and EHR systems to track care plans and document monthly calls.

The Challenge

The Client was unable to accommodate 3500+ patients nor provide the means for stable and highly personalized professional care coordination due to the lack of trained workforce and certified clinical personnel.

Instead of taking on the many challenges of creating an in-house program, the medical group had the opportunity to outsource the entire process to Centro.
The Client was looking for the shortest time to market, striving to maximize his revenues.

The Solution

  • Dedicate a committed team of Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs)
  • Integrate with the technology platform and patient EHR
  • To provide real-time data accessible 24/7 to monitor enrolled patients
  • Keep a pool of trained CMAs to serve as an immediate backfill to the current team members, in order to not slow down productivity and consequently to not deviate from target

The Achievements

  • In a very short time to market, Centro’s Chronic Care Coordinators were able to successfully accommodate and reach all 3,500+ patients within the same month of the program launch
  • Our CMAs were able to accomplish 2-3 completed encounters per hour with a patient satisfaction rate of 94%
  • Centro was able to increase patient engagement and enhance the patient experience thus leading to increased revenues


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