The Client

One Of The Top 5 Largest Durable Medical Equipment Providers Nationwide.

The Mission

To increase the conversion rate of inbound calls in response to the Client’s TV commercials

The Challenge

With an in-house call center set-up, the Client’s current conversion rate is 24%. Centro’s main challenge is to bring that conversion rate up to 31%, a whopping increase of 30%

The Solution

With the help of our internal Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Quality Team, we mapped the current processes, re-engineered the end-to-end process with clear identification of subprocesses output and how to optimize the output.
One of the carried out changes was creating a separate OP (Order Processing) Team with its own set of KPIs that predominantly hinged on how many Doctor Signed Orders (DSOs) they can obtain from the initial number of requests placed by callers as a result of the client’s TV commercials.

Faxes were processed by classifying them according to their type and content and all of the required data was entered into the patient’s file. Agents verified that the needed sections were filled out per the relevant insurance payer’s guidelines and that all fields of the signed DSO were correctly entered in the CRM system.

The first team was dedicated to data entry (fax processing). The second team verified that the data entered into the relevant fields was correct. The third team performed rigorous follow up with Doctor’s Office, with the objective to get the order approved and signed by the patient’s physician.

The Achievements

  • An increased conversion rate of 40%, top reach 34% within 3 months. A by-product to the main achievement was increasing sales by 15% as a result of cross selling to callers
  • All faxed DSOs entered into the CRM within the agreed upon time-frame while maintaining both complete data accuracy as well as compliance
  • All data was processed on time and on-schedule within the agreed-upon service levels of the client
  • We maintained the utmost privacy of data ensuring that the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) is protected in accordance with HIPAA

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