The Client

A highly recognized and well-established Dermatology practice situated in Virginia.

Business Situation

The Client is part of a well-renowned Dermatology group of physicians sharing the same office space, billing and Tax ID. Due to several reasons and mainly cutting cost, the Client decided to detach from the group. They needed to split the expenses and manage their own medical staff while still cohabitating in the same office space and share rent.

An in-house medical biller was handling the entire groups’ billing services under the same entity, rendering services in the same entity and utilizing the same Tax ID.

Although, the Client was reluctant to outsource due to the complications that might occur in the process and logistics of the separation ranging from potential problems of splitting the billing on different software, problems with insurance payers or disruption of revenue. The Client decided to outsource their entire Medical Billing to Centro and emphasized the importance of having our client relationship based in the US.

The Mission

To develop a tight and coherent plan to make a smooth and seamless transition of the Client’s billing into our billing software without disrupting the other provider and still maintaining their billing under the same Tax ID.

The Solution

Our Business Unit Healthcare Manager met with the Client and reviewed their monthly reports so that the provider was abreast of the current AR. It was needed to contact all payers to ensure that our clearinghouse would not cause any disruption due to the dividing of the two NPIs, yet billing under the same entity.

We had to assess the provider prior AR to see if there would be a need for a clean-up and/or recoup some of the outstanding insurance and/or patient AR.

The Achievements

  • Centro was able to successfully launch on the date of the agreement and submitted claims immediately without any delay to the Clients’ revenue. Our BU Healthcare Development Manager visited frequently with the client and the prior Billing Manager to ensure no confusions and slip-ups with any incoming payments.
  • Centro was able to develop a secure HIPAA file SharePoint to facilitate and ease the transportation of patient data. The Client experienced a 55% decrease in outstanding AR while maintaining an AR of less than 30 days.
  • Being locally present for the Client was crucial in order to ensure a seamless transition especially that the practices’ documentation was all on paper charts rather than utilizing any EHR.

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