The Client

Our client is a premier pharmacy retail provider with over 24 pharmacies nationwide.

Business Situation

Our client is a premier international healthcare firm with more than 15 years of experience in Durable Medical Equipment and Pharmacy.

They apply rigorous research to a wide range of issues in healthcare management, health policy, hospital operations, pharmaceutical outcomes, and international development.

Their mission is to understand the unique needs of their clients and provide them with result oriented, cost effective, and reliable solutions to their health and wellness.

The Mission

To have a customer service hub, handling patients’ inquiries, eligibility checks, refills and foremost increase sales, all without compromising security of PHI

The Solution

By designing creative micro-sites and landing pages for our client’s retail products, powered by AdWords aggressive campaigns, we were able to increase their leads pipeline by 85%From our site in Winchester, VA, we established an elaborate customer service queue handling retail pharmacy products sales, general inquiries, and prescription refills.

This also gave us a room, with the increase in call volume to capitalize on the rapport built with patients to upsell.

Our presence in our client’s business model allowed them the chance to fully focus on their acquisition process, allowing them to grow faster from 12 pharmacies to a whopping 24 in a year time.

In addition to those services mentioned, Centro also runs eligibility checks for patients using payer’s CRMs, faxing physicians to obtain approved and signed Rx’s on behalf of the pharmacy.

The Achievements

  • Centro was able to successfully improve the patient’s database all throughout, better track transactions and offer much more detailed info about patients as a result of our enhanced CRM use.
  • Moreover, retail sales doubled due to increased creative marketing as well as superior customer service.
  • Our HIPAA compliant facility enabled such achievements while ensuring a high level of security to all patients’ PHI.


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