Webinar: Cracking The Code On Population Health for FQHCs

Speaker: Lisa Blue | Senior Director of Population Health
Date: September 19, 2018, at 2:00 pm EST

The webinar is designed for FQHCs to learn more how Population Health can aggressively fulfill the under-met clinical needs that are happening with patients and improve outcomes through Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), and Transitional Care Management (TCM).

The primary goal of this webinar is to walk FQHCs through the process of creating a successful care management program. Through technology, services, science and innovation you can improve lives, clinical quality and master disease management. Identifying issues is the first step to developing a strategy to create a successful care management program.

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We unravel numerous revenue opportunities while reducing unnecessary healthcare costs

Centro provides outsourced call center and related support services for your Medicare patients that can help physician practices to:

  • Increase revenue, without adding additional staff
  • Create more efficient workflows
  • Improve staff workload balance, and reduce time spent on non-clinical activities
  • Optimize physician time spent per visit

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Our Population Health Solutions include:

Chronic Care Management

There is a huge revenue opportunity for physicians through the CPT code 99490 which covers 20 minutes a month of non-face to face interactions on behalf of their Medicare patients who have 2 or more chronic conditions. Non-face to face contact covered by the code means that it could be conducted through phone, text or even Facetime conferencing and the good news is that, you the physician do not have to conduct that call yourself.

Centro Healthcare can provide the necessary technology and make the monthly calls to your enrolled patients, and even enroll new patients:

  • We meet complex technology and time to track CMS mandates.
  • Patients can reach one of our licensed nurses 24/7 to assess their need for care.
  • We follow the care plan for each individual patient as approved by the physician.

So for a practice with 500 or more chronic care patients, this could add up to $250,000 annual gross revenue.

Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare covers AWVs completely, with no co-payment and no patient deductible, only if the visit meets specific criteria for information-gathering, assessment and counseling. Centro offers you a comprehensive set of services to support your practice in delivering preventative services.
Centro can help your practice:

  • Identify patients in need of AWVs using data analytics
  • Schedule patient visits using our professional call center
  • Support increase in patient visits using our staffing services
  • Generate additional revenue, $20,000-$70,000 increased revenue per physician

Preventive services can add up to an extra $200 a year for each Medicare patient

Behavioral Health Management

Centro Healthcare’s exceptional infrastructure meets CORE standards for clinical staff qualifications, training and roles of non-clinical staff, telephone performance thresholds, clinical staff response times, handling of triage calls, information sharing, feedback to physicians, and more.

Centro Healthcare provides you and your patients:

  • Latest technologies and software applications
  • Complete privacy of medical information
  • Secure sharing and compliance with HIPAA privacy laws


Transitional Care Management

Following up on your patients once they leave your practice or organization requires a lot of logistical arrangements, education of the patient and their family as well as coordination among the health professionals involved in the transition.

Centro’s expert trained staff will:

  • Review need for or follow-up on pending diagnostic tests and treatments
  • Provide education to the patient, family, guardian and/or caregiver
  • Establish or re-establish referrals
  • Schedule required follow-up with community providers and services

We help your organization achieve clinical success by tracking and communicating patient care, protocols and progress across the healthcare system.