Centro KeepWell™ = Better Health, Better Care, Lower Costs

Transformational change is currently taking place in our healthcare system as we move further towards Value-Based Care. Along with a greater focus on Population Health Management, patient-centric care and patient engagement, today’s providers must also be mindful of MACRA – MIPS & APM requirements, and in many cases, shared savings objectives.

Preventative care is the cornerstone of success in this new environment. Maximizing the number of patients who get Annual Wellness Visits, or are enrolled in Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration programs will be the key to achieving improved patient outcomes and better financial results.

Centro KeepWell™ is a bundled solution for providers that is comprised of technology, clinical personnel and workflow processes designed to improve the patient experience and health of populations while reducing providers’ costs and enhancing their ROI. Our technology platform simultaneously manages all CCM, AWV and BHI programs to improve access and appropriate utilization of EHRs, while certified personnel supplement your current staff in managing the wellness of your patient population to eliminate the need for hiring additional resources. Centro KeepWell™ optimizes your workflows to drive greater efficiencies, throughput and enhance patient outcomes.