Foster Healthier Patients and Generate More Revenue

Annual Wellness Visit Solutions

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Despite how substantial the ROI is for Annual Wellness Visits in terms of providing value-based care and generating a significant recurring income, less than 20% of physicians are providing it to their patients. This is due to many factors including time constraints, extensive requirements, complex coding and strict guidelines by Medicare.

Being one of the top Annual Wellness Visit outsourcing companies in the industry, Centro Healthcare alleviates these burdens by helping you optimize the health of your patient population while earning CMS-based incentives, through our turnkey Annual Wellness Visit solution addressing the three components of the Annual Wellness Visit: Health risk assessment, doctor consultation, and patient’s personalized prevention plan. Centro’s AWV services will assist you to streamline the scheduling and management of this proactive care opportunity.

Centro Healthcare’s Annual Wellness Visit Services

Centro Healthcare developed a multipronged approach to efficiently support your practice in delivering preventive care services to improve your patient’s health at no cost to them, rapidly develop a new revenue stream for you, while minimizing any disruptions to your practice and existing workflow.

EHR Integration & Customization

Our seamless EHR integration and customization enables you to access real-time data and efficiently monitor your enrolled patients

Eligible Patients Identification:

We identify which Wellness Exam each of your Medicare patients are eligible for, in addition to providing regularly updated lists to zero in on patients who have never had, or are overdue for, an Annual Wellness Visit

Patient Outreach and Engagement

We reach out to your patients and educate them about the value of  Wellness Visits and schedule their “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit at your preferred care setting

The Wellness Visit’s Initiation

Our Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) engage with your patients to perform the required non-face-to-face Wellness Visit and fill in Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit questionnaire that takes place prior to their office visit

Health Risk Assessment

Our CMAs use a patient-centered approach to assess the patient’s functional ability, level of safety and review risk factors for depression and other mood disorders to offer action-oriented information

Personalized Plan of Preventative Services

Our CMAs fill in the patient’s Medicare Annual Wellness Visit form and conduct Medicare’s annual wellness visit questionnaire to provide each patient with personalized preventive health counseling to ensure potential risk reduction and quantify long-term outcomes

Streamline Patient Enrollment

We provide full enrollment support through identifying and enrolling eligible CCM beneficiaries from your EHR to maximize your revenue and make the most out of the Care Management and Annual Wellness services

24/7 Care Support

Our certified medical professionals are available 24/7 for urgent care support or on-call services, with access to patients’ records


EHR Documentation

We incorporate all patients’ Medicare Wellness checkup forms into the EHR to provide you with comprehensive Wellness Visit documentation for your continued access and review

Monthly Auditable Reports

We create standardized patient reports for every visit that have been vetted and approved by Medicare to provide you with an auditable report at the end of each month which enables you to stay in compliance with CMS’s requirements

Benefits of Outsourcing Annual Wellness Visits

Centro Healthcare helps you fully utilize the benefits of  Annual Wellness Visits as a tool to:

Improve Health Outcomes:

Medicare’s Wellness plan improves health outcomes by identifying patients’ modifiable health risks and providing follow-up behavior change intervention which ultimately helps in keeping patients out of the hospital and long-term care facilities

Improve Patient Engagement:

Centro’s Annual Wellness Visits encourage Medicare patients to continue to routinely see their physician for follow-up care and treatment which leads to enhanced patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction

Generate Additional Revenue:

Annual Wellness Visit services generate significant revenue that can add up to an average of an extra $500 a year for each Medicare patient, so if your practice has over 250 eligible Medicare patients you could generate over $125,000 of extra revenue

Meet Quality Measures (MACRA- MIPS & APM):

AWV services meet 18 measures in 4 out of the 6 domains, including 6 high priority measures from the MACRA and MIPs requirements, and 3 measures across 2 subcategories for Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIAs)

Meet CMS Mandates:

Stay in compliance with CMS’s requirements and guidelines through our comprehensive auditable reports


  • EHR integration
  • Extract Patient’s data


Identify all AWV eligible Patients


  • Outreach to Patients
  • Educate them on the benefits of AWV
  • Enroll them in the program


  • Gather preliminary clinical data
  • Conduct Health Risk Assessments
  • Schedule in-office appointments
  • Create Personalized Prevention Plans


  • Document data on EHR
  • Create auditable report


  • Provide billing documents
  • G0438 Initial (AWV)
  • G0439 Subsequent (AWV)

Centro’s Workflow for Medicare’s Wellness Plan

Centro Healthcare simplifies your AWV workflow and allows you to effectively offer Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits to your patients without any changes in your current workflow nor additional administrative burdens to your practice.