Behavioral Health Integration Solutions

Incorporating Physical and Mental
Care to Make Real Impact

Integrating behavioral health care with primary care is now widely considered an effective strategy for improving outcomes for the millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions. Beginning January 1, 2017, Medicare made separate payments to physicians and non-physician practitioners for BHI services.

Centro Healthcare developed a Behavioral Health Integration program that utilizes BHI to increase patients’ throughput, satisfaction and improve the quality of their lives while increasing your practice’s revenue with no additional administrative burdens nor disruptions to your workflow.

Our Behavioral Health Integration Services

Centro Healthcare implements its multidisciplinary expertise to develop a patient-centered approach that assists you in proactively caring for your patients’ behavioral health needs to improve fiscal and clinical outcomes.

EHR Integration & Customization

We provide smoothly comprehensive EHR integration and customization process which will enable you to access real-time data and efficiently monitor your enrolled patients and enable automated identification of medication/prescription issues based on pharmacy claims data

Eligible Patients Identification

We better identify BHI patients through the use of evidence-based behavioral health identification rules and screening assessments to meticulously identify all patients who are eligible to receive Behavioral Health services

Patient Outreach

We successfully outreach to your patients to educate them about the value of Behavioral Health and gain their consent to be enrolled in the program

Initial patient Assessment

We provide initial patient assessment, including administration of validated rating scales, with the development of an individualized treatment plan.

Behavioral Health Care Plan

We provide integrated assessments for complex behavioral health conditions and regularly updated and customized individualized care plans addressing holistic needs of patients to provide an accurate continuum of care

Design Interventions

We design interventions to address the social determinants of health and resolve challenges in complex clinical and delivery systems and promote models that ensure culturally and linguistically competent care

Patient Engagement

We engage your patients to provide them with ongoing care monitoring, regular assessments of their medical needs, facilitate and coordinate their behavioral health treatment, and address gaps in care to improve treatment adherence

Streamline Patients Enrollment

We help you maximize your revenue by devising financial and programmatic strategies to identify opportunities for business development and enroll new patients to increase your BHI enrollment

24/7 Care Support

We believe that 24/7 crisis management services are crucial to success because individuals who suffer from behavioral health issues often need critical support at inopportune moments. Our hotline is staffed by licensed nurses who know precisely what to do in the case of an emergency while ensuring that patients see the provider at the right time

EHR Documentation

We document and track the time spent on Behavioral Health integration from within the patient’s chart into the EHR to provide you with comprehensive BHI documentation for your continued access and review

Monthly CMS Reports

We process all completed document forms and properly track every encounter to provide your staff with an auditable report of the work at the end of each month, which makes billing for codes G0502, G0503, G0504 & G0507 easier and 100% Medicare compliant

Benefits of Outsourcing Behavioral Health Integration

Centro Healthcare will help you fully utilize the benefits of Behavioral Health Integration as a tool to:

Improve Health Outcomes

Centro Healthcare’s proprietary data-driven interventions improve your patient’s clinical outcomes by screening patients for comorbid behavioral health concerns which leads to strong recovery rates, lower treatment costs, and overall healthier individuals

Improve Patient Engagement

Behavioral health integration allows for open dialogue with the patients which reduces the stigma surrounding behavioral health and provides the patients with the necessary support, health coaching and reinforcement of healthy behaviors

Generate Additional Revenue

Behavioral health integration G0502, G0503, G0504 & G0507 generates significant additional revenue for your practice

Meet CMS Mandates

Stay in compliance with CMS’s requirements and guidelines through our comprehensive auditable reports

Optimize your Workflow

We operate as an extension to your organization, with the ability to adjust the level of clinical oversight to a point that fits your goals and allows you to focus on your patients’ care


Integrate with EHR
Extract the Patient’s data


Identify all the BHI eligible Patients


Outreach the Patients
Educate them on the benefits of BHI
Gain Patients’ Consent
Enroll them in the Service


Explore care gaps
Build evidence-based Behavioral care plan
Design Interventions
Provide non-face-to-face care coordination
Follow up and update health summary


Track time spent non-face-to-face care coordination
Document data on EHR
Create auditable report


Provide billing documents
Bill for G0502, G0503, G0504, G0507

Centro’s Workflow

Centro Healthcare will seamlessly integrate Behavioral Health into your practice without any changes in your current workflow.