Account Receivables

We Empower You to Expand Your Control over Each Record

Centro Healthcare allows you to choose the services that fit your practice needs with the services of End-To-End billing, AR only, or the use of our team for demographic entry, Verification & Eligibility of benefits.

Having a cost-effective service & quality of reporting and analyzing claims statuses is what we offer to you. Centro Healthcare helps you to stand out among your competitors. Experience another development in your business, by outsourcing your Account Receivables.

We empower you to expand your control on each record, by guaranteeing an increased cash flow and a reduction in costs

Our A/R Services

We handle it all for you starting from preparing bills, updating customers’ info to sending out periodic statements.

A/R Follow Up and Claim Rework

Patient Balance Collections


Collection Services (Soft Collections)

Our Accounts Softwares





Simplify Your Workflow

You don’t have to worry about hiring additional staff and training costs, nor use up your current staff time and energy towards tedious and onerous paperwork. All of which means you can focus on your core business – providing better health care for your patients.

Centro Healthcare’s team of billing professionals will simplify your workflow with no disruptions nor additional administrative burdens and are dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice.