Don’t Lose Clients Just Because Patients Want To Use Their Insurance

Credentialing Services

Failing to Manage Medical Credentialing
and Contracting Causes Revenue Loss

Credentialing is the backbone of every financially successful medical practice. Credentialing can be complicated and time-consuming, that’s why Centro has a team of Credentialing experts dedicated to ensure a successful and efficient process for all new medical providers and new insurance payers.

Successful Credentialing is all about tracking and consistent follow-up. With medical office staff being stretched very thin, it is difficult to find time to take care of this very crucial task, it demands the full attention of trained staff that knows when and where to submit information to ensure that proper reimbursement begins.

Our Credentialing Services

We Help You Better Manage Your Enrollments

Our services enhance medical enrollment processes and patient protection. We help you get set up quickly and properly, so you can focus on your patients and get paid for the work you actually do.

What you get with our Credentialing services:

A dedicated project manager assigned just for your practice

Update and maintain CAQH profile

Follow up on re-Credentialing

Manage all necessary Credentialing requirements on your behalf

Manage Credentialing documents database

Benefits of Centro’s Outsourcing Credentialing

Accepting patients’ insurance plans are vital to the success of healthcare practices. If potential patients are not able to use their insurance plans in your practice—they are likely to find a competing provider who will. Unfortunately, medical Credentialing can be a hassle and takes time away from providing quality care to patients–but it doesn’t need to be this way.

With Centro Healthcare’s Credentialing services we guarantee:

Faster enrollment with third-party payers

Major medical provider enrollment; Medicare and Medicaid

Eliminate risks

Faster turnaround time

Save time and focus on your patients

Dramatic cut down in cost

Enhance quality of care