Take the billing burden off your practice and stay financially fit

RCM & Medical Billing Solutions

An Unmatched Suite of Services

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Want to
Increase your collections?
Reduce your expenses?
Maximize your revenue?
Improve the efficiency of your medical practice?

Centro’s RCM and Medical Billing Services are a great solution to help increase and streamline compliance while saving your money. Our team of experts will help increase your day-to-day office efficiency by handling all complicated billing matters, along with an unmatched technology platform that will help boost your revenue.

Our End-To-End RCM & Medical Billing Services

You get to choose which service best fits your practice needs. Our services have proven and guarantee an increase in your productivity, accelerate your company’s revenue cycle, speed up your payment process, decrease costs and improve patient service.

Our qualified and certified billing team provide you the following:

End-to-End Billing


Verification & Eligibility

Demographics Entry

Denial Management

Account Receivables


Claims Submission (Electronic/Paper)

ERA and EOB Posting

Patient Payment Posting

Benefits of Outsourcing RCM & Medical Billing

Keeping up a solid income while adapting to always changing healthcare policies is overwhelming. You have to get ready today for the inescapable parade of evolving regulations, redesigns to payer rules and developing methodologies. Determining the issues and invigorating your main concern in the process boils down to how well you can reinforce your income and patient billing system processes.

We are equally committed to higher and faster collections for you!

Dramatically reduce your Account Receivables

20% better than industry standard for average days outstanding of A/R

Increased collections as much as 10% – 30%

Real revenue growth due to faster payment cycles

Reduced labor costs

Reduced denials and errors mean faster, more accurate payments

Claims are submitted 5-7 days faster than the industry average

98%+ of claims submitted are successfully settled on the first submission

Simplify Your Workflow

You don’t have to worry about hiring additional staff and training costs, nor use up your current staff time and energy towards tedious and onerous paperwork. All of which means you can focus on your core business – providing better health care for your patients.

Centro Healthcare’s team of billing professionals will simplify your workflow with no disruptions nor additional administrative burdens and are dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice.