Customized Recruitment Services that Overcome Market Challenges

Clinical Trials Recruitment Solutions

Seamlessly Enroll the Right Patients at the Right Time

Patient recruitment for clinical trials can be a time-consuming and tedious process, often taking up valuable resources. Patient recruitment efforts directly impact budgets and timelines if not properly performed. An astounding number of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment goals, which leads to delays or early trial termination.

We offer services customized to each study, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective method to reach enrollment goals on time, every time. Our dedicated patient-recruitment team is focused on helping you hit your goals and elevates enrollment and retention rates throughout the process.

We set clear objectives and targets in place, maintain strong, on-going communication and closely monitor different goals and milestones along the way for successful patient enrollment and retention.

Our Clinical Trial Recruitment Services

Centro Healthcare provides you with accelerated enrollment of pre-qualified, motivated eligible study patients. Here’s how:

Live call handling by healthcare professionals 24/7

On-line screening capabilities

Healthcare operators for patient recruitment, pre-screening and retention programs

Excellent reporting and tracking systems for data management

Efficient and time-effective automated response programs 24/7

Global patient reach

Appointment scheduling and site support programs

Toll-free numbers for direct-to-patient advertising campaigns

Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical Trial Recruitment

Reduce screening failures

Increase ROI

Improve enrollment for underperforming trials

Improve health outcomes