Medication Adherence Solutions

Improve Patients Outcomes and Increase Reimbursements

Pharmacy management is a unique application in that it encompasses several functions under one umbrella. Pharmacies are constantly faced with the challenge of being held accountable for every transaction they conduct while maintaining productivity and profitability. Added to this, they also have to meet the ever changing, complex and strict requirements set by the healthcare industry. A well-designed management solution can provide high speed, accurate and secure data gathering to help pharmacies adapt to new challenges as they rise. Centro Healthcare provides a range of services to meet the dual demands for quality and cost effectiveness in managing pharmacies in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Our Pharmacy Management Services

Centro Healthcare provides you with a centralized system that fits the specific needs of your application and your budget, and is capable of managing the tasks that are essential for a successful and profitable pharmacy

Following up on refill requests with physicians’ offices

Patient contact for refill approval, & pick-up notification

Following up on prior authorizations with physicians & 3rd party insurance companies

Customer service hub that handles all your calls professionally

Cross-selling products to existing patients

Appointment setting for immunizations/health screenings/chronic condition counseling

Virtual Wellness Counseling

General customer service

Medication Therapy Management (MTM), with registered pharmacists

Benefits of Outsourcing Pharmacy Management

Improved health outcomes

Reduction in turnaround time

Increased customer satisfaction

Full compliance

Reduction in the operating costs

Improved workflow

Additional revenue