Conserve Costs, Reduce Gaps in Care and Make a Difference for Your Members

Medication Therapy Management Services

Providing You with Actionable Insights
to Achieve Your Goals

Pharmacy costs are expected to rise exponentially over the next 3-5 years. Avoidable costs for other services such as acute care and emergency room care can be attributed to non-adherence to medications, gaps in standards of care and medication safety issues for members with chronic conditions. Centro Healthcare provides you with new and innovative pharmacy risk management approaches.

Medication-related problems lead to an increase in healthcare cost through:

  • More frequent use of the Emergency Room
  • Increased inpatient visits
  • Declining health status
  • Increased pharmacy spending due to duplicate therapies
  • Increased physician visits at the higher cost and intensity of service (rather than preventive/wellness visits)

Our Medication Therapy Management Services

In an era of increasing multidrug therapies, well-informed patients are as essential to coordinated treatment as they are to the prevention of adverse drug events. Centro Healthcare utilizes leading-edge medication therapy management solutions to help you turn patients into effective-care partners through speaking with our care coordinators via telephone.

Our highly trained and certified care coordinator will guarantee the following:

Advanced analytics engine to identify patients for MTM

Optimum patient engagement

Identification of the medication regimen’s possible lack of knowledge

Proper patient education

Comprehensive reporting archives

Patient-centric outreach

Identification of inappropriate medication dosage

Increase in medication adherence

Decrease in the care standards gaps

Benefits of Outsourcing Medication Therapy Management

Centro Healthcare assists you to avoid excessive usage and under-use of medical services by supporting you in making clinical coverage decisions based on available evidence-based guidelines, therefore:

Members are healthier and are able to control chronic conditions more successfully

Overall reduction in healthcare cost

You meet CMS Requirements

You ensure Proper Patient Therapy

Members have fewer visits to the emergency room and may not be hospitalized as frequently

You save valuable time and money

You are able to prepare for audits with accessible reporting archives

Our Workflow

Centro Healthcare is your helping arm in reaching and achieving your goals by targeting people who take multiple prescription medications and who in many cases suffer from multiple chronic diseases. We work with you to keep your patients out of emergency rooms, decrease hospitalizations and readmissions and improve their health outcomes through:


Identifying MTM members


Outreach the members


Engage the members


Create a patient-centric plan

Follow up

Follow up and measure progress