Eliminate the Gaps in Patients Care that Lead to Readmission

Readmission Prevention Services

Reduce Readmission Rates to
Maintain the Continuity of Care

Even the best acute management practices and discharge plans are not always able to offset the factors that can lead to readmission. Having an integrated readmission and prevention solution in pace may be the best way to limit or reduce high readmission rates.

Centro Healthcare has the right people and processes in place to deliver a positive post discharge experience – one that can reduce readmissions, promote care plan compliance and medication adherence, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Readmission Prevention Services

Patient Outreach

Discharged patient is contacted within 24 to 48 hours following discharge by a clinical team member (e.g., RN, LPN, or CMA depending on patient risk and/or hospital preference)

Patient Engagement

All patients are asked about their compliance with medications, whether they have scheduled a follow-up appointment, and whether they understand or have any questions about their discharge instructions

Patient Education

High-risk patients are asked condition-specific questions in order to uncover potential areas of concern, and to provide education that will help them manage their conditions

Real-time Feedback

Real-time feedback is provided to the hospital regarding any potential risks and patient experiences

Real-time Intervention

Nurses can provide real-time intervention, as needed, to clarify medication and discharge instructions, address patient questions or concerns, and reiterate the importance of follow-up appointments

Regular Follow-ups

Follow-up contacts are made at pre-determined intervals throughout the entire 30-day period post discharge to ensure any readmission risks are being mitigated

24/7 Care Support

All patients are given a card with a local or toll-free number to call (24/7) should any questions or complications arise -particularly if the patient is considering going to the ER

Reporting & Documentation

Regular dashboard reporting is provided to the hospital to highlight any negative trends or areas for improvement

Proven tactics and tools to reduce and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions

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Readmission Prevention Solution

In addition to the process described above, Centro can also deploy the enTouch™ solution from PreparedHealth, a secure platform for providing real-time updates and communication across care providers, patients and family caregivers.

Other Additional features of the program include:

Dedicated team

EMR integration/access

Appointment scheduling

Complete HIPAA compliance