Patient Experience

A Better Engaged Patient Will Have
A Better Overall Experience

Patient engagement has become a key strategy that refers to the tools and actions taken by patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to promote informed decision-making and behaviors to facilitate improved health outcomes. The importance of “patient engagement” has been widely researched and discussed with evidence supporting its significance on lowering cost and improving patient outcomes.


Our Patient Experience Services include:

Nurse Triage Services

Our well-trained staff is dedicated and ready to create an exceptional patient experience and provide the suitable advice to ensure proper ED utilization and prevent unnecessary readmissions thus reducing costs and improving the quality of care.

Our Nurse Triage services include:

  •  24/7 Access to Clinical Advice
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs Up to 30%
  • Quicker Return-to-Work, reducing lost time by as much as 50%
  • Using the most advanced platform, Status GO
  • Triage for Urgent Care online appointments
  • Clinical post-discharge follow-up
  • Post-discharge questions
  • Prescription refills

Our Technology

Status:Go – Healthcare Salesforce Implementation Partner.

Status:Go has assembled a team of healthcare technologists, practitioners, and administrators to help healthcare payers, providers, and service providers evolve with technology. It possesses the privacy and security features demanded by the healthcare industry.

Scheduling and Referral Management

The bigger your network, the bigger the loss

Operational efficiency should be at an all-time high, leading to shorter waiting times and more patients being seen. Our exceptionally talented staff will:

  • Streamline, consolidate and organize your calls
  • Increase your referral rates that lead to scheduled visits
  • Manage call flow for appointments and referrals

Prescription Refill Line

Accelerate the responsiveness to any medication requests

We ensure that your patients never run out of medications, help them manage prescriptions, and increase adherence. We strive to improve your overall quality of care by handling:

  • Order refills
  • Check orders status
  • Advise cost-effective choices
  • Provide general information about prescription drugs and health conditions

Readmission Prevention Solution

Even the best acute management practices and discharge plans are not always able to offset the factors that can lead to readmission. Having an integrated readmission prevention solution in place may be the best way to limit or reduce high readmission rates.

Centro Healthcare has the right people and processes in place to deliver a positive post-discharge experience – one that can reduce readmissions, promote care plan compliance and medication adherence, and enhance customer satisfaction.

An overview of our standard Readmission Prevention Solution

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Overflow and after hours call handling

We are not robots, we are real people!

With a capacity of 1,100 seats, our call center representatives will never leave a call unanswered and there will never be a shortage of people to answer your calls.

  • Whether you need us around the clock or just after hours, our agents are available to take as many calls as your practice gets
  • Take your customer service to the next level with a professional highly trained team to handle all your calls in your name
  • You set up the calls rules. We execute
  • You let us know what information you need from your callers and we collect it for you.

Did you know that 67% of people hang up the phone out of frustration if they can’t reach a real person? That’s more than two-thirds of your callers.
Choosing the right healthcare call center will boost your care access, delivery, follow-up and ROI

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