Save Time, Money and Countless Hours of Paperwork Frustration

Third Party Administration Services

Providing You with a Highly Responsive, End-to-End Claims and Administration Service

Centro Healthcare’s innovative TPA services utilize the latest medical processing technology along with our distinctive healthcare cost-control approaches to provide you with the utmost advantages possible. We enable you to remain competitive and compliant in a system of continuously increasing costs and regulations.

In a healthcare system that’s flooded with fraught and inefficiencies resulting in fraudulent bills of $250 billion in unrecovered overpayments each year, Centro Healthcare is your solution!

Our Third Party Administration Services

Full Service Third Party Administration

Audit & Litigation Support

Customer Service

Complete Policy Administration

Claims Processing and Review

Clerical Support

Financial Administration

CMS compliant reporting

Benefits of Outsourcing Third Party Administration

Get control of your medical claims administration

Monitor cost per claim and policy performance

Reduce your costs and loss ratios

CMS Compliant